Monday Night League!

Monday Night League will now be hosted by The Courts! The formats and times will be the same, it starts Monday March 18th , 2019! Registration is open to returning teams who are in good standing, meaning they PAID for spring league! 

Returning teams have until March 11th to register, after March 11th it will be open to other teams and it is first come, first serve. 
Monday Night 
AA League Registration Link

1) Miranda M
2)   Anna K
3)    EriK J
4) Robyn B
5)  Mark Duenas
6)     J Fro
7)     Matt Hush
8)    Carlie 
AA Schedule

Monday Night A League Registration Link

1)   Degay H
2)   Dave Kim
3)   Kelsey/Raf
4)   Nick W
5)    Katie S
6)   Mike H
7)   Dan Ob
8)    Allison B
9) Anna C
10)      Joey D
11)  David R
12)    OJVA

A Schedule



Our current league is Reverse Quads, 2 guys and 2 girls, played on a women's height net and guys hit behind the 10ft line. We're only currently running AA and A level leagues.


Day of the Week: Monday nights
Start Time: 7pm
End Time: 10pm-ish
Cost: $420 per team
Play: 2 matches every night, matches are 2 games to 25 and capped at 25.
Where: The Courts in Beaverton
Number of Weeks Per Season: 10 Weeks 
(8 weeks of pool play and 2 weeks of playoffs)

Week 1 – Pool Play
Week 2 – Pool Play
Week 3 – Pool Play
Week 4 – Pool Play
Week 5 – Pool Play
Week 6 – Pool Play, start of North/South split
Week 7 – Pool Play for North/South
Week 8 – Pool Play for North/South
Week 9 – Playoff
Week 10 – Finals

To help things run smoothly and started on time we would like to ask you to do the following:

1. Join our Monday Night League Group on Facebook

2. CAPTAINS- please print out and fill in the "2019 Winter Waiver Form”- have all of your team members sign it.

3. Make out 1 check for $420 to The Courts. 
Only 1 payment.

Subs: you must register online! This is a One time Fee  for the season
Link for A Subs  Online registration.

Link for AA Subs Online registration

Subs may play on different teams on the same night. But they must be listed as a sub for that night and that team. 

 2 Courts will be available at 6:55pm for warm ups. Games starting after 7:05pm will be played to 15 points only.
This gives you a 10 Min warm up time. 
The clock will start at 7:05!

RC4 Indoor Rules

*    Guys must hit behind the 10ft line
*    Guys must hit in a visible upward trajectory, if foot is         touching the line or in front of the 10ft line
*    Guys can block guys (directional blocking is OK,         including free ball overs)
*    Guys can fake block a girl as long as there is no ball         contact above the plain of the net
*    Setting a serve or any first ball is OK
*    Block does NOT count as a touch
*    Double contact on first ball over is OK
*    Directional block is OK
*    Directional Set over is OK (does not have to be         square)
*    Open hand tip is OK (guys must be behind the 10ft         line)
*    Must rotate servers in Order
*    Do not need to rotate positions
*    A net is a net (women hair is OK)
*    Maximum of 2 guys on the court
*    If more than 2 girls then they must notify the other         team and league director of permanent designed         girl as guy for the night. NO CHANGING back and forth.
*    Rally scoring
*    Let serves are OK
*    Women’s height net
*   All subs must be registered as a sub and pay the $20         fee 
*   Captains and teams must secure a sub before the         start of the night..... Not when you arrive or during         warm up.
*    If you use a sub from another team (AA or A) that         player will not be able to attack or be the primary         setter. They can Dig, Block, Serve, Pass that is all 
*    Absolutely NO SMOKING in the Courts 
*   NO outside ALCOHOL consumption. This means you         can not bring your own in and can not be drinking         any alcohol in the Parking lot. This is a OLCC rule!!!!!
*    All violators and their associates who violate this rule         will be “BANNED” from participating.
*    NO WARNING will be given. PERIOD.
*    NO EXCEPTIONS. Excuses are like ASSholes.....         Everyone has one and they all stink

Sportsmanship Rules

*    Players are expected to know the rules and abide by         them. Anyone guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct         may be warned, penalized, suspended from play,
        expelled from the building, or suspended from the         league. Refund of registration fees will not be given         if suspended.

Unsportsmanlike conduct includes, but is not limited to:
*    Loud or abusive language.
*    Comments to the referee.
*    Comments to opposing teams or spectators.
*    Throwing or kicking of objects.
*    Questioning a judgment call.
*    Actions, which may result in injury to another person

Reffing Rules/Duties

*    All Teams will have reffing duties every night. 
*    4 refs are preferred, but a minimum of 2 refs minimum is         required. 1 up ref and 1 down ref for score keeping. *    Duties of an UP REF – An Up Ref must have a whistle         and makes the final calls during the game. As the head         official you must enforce the duties of all the other refs         and the following. Enforce 5-8 minute warm up between         games (depending on the ending of the last match).
*    Start games on the scheduled time.
*    Duties of a DOWN REF – A Down Ref is not required to         have a whistle and can ONLY make the following calls.
                *    Net violations
                *    Line violations
                *    Touch
                *    10ft line fault
*    Duties of a LINES PERSON – A Lines Person is only         allowed to make the following calls.
                *    Foot fault
                *    In or out
                *    Touches
        A Lines Person is not required to have a whistle, but         must follow these rules or their team will be subject to         forfeiture of 5 points per violation reported to directors.
                *    Must straddle the corner lines.
                *    Must be standing. No chairs are allowed. It’s a                         safety issue.
                *    Must not be talking on the phone or texting                         during play.
*    Duties of a SCOREKEEPER – A scorekeeper must keep         scores for both teams per the Up Ref’s call and report            the score accurately on the score sheets.

Start Time Rules

All games will be timed games of 50 min for the warm up and games. Players are encouraged to stay warm if you have the Bye or have reffing duties. Game time starts are 7:05, 7:55, 8:45, 9:35.   We will have a 50 min clock running near court #1.

2019 Adult Tournaments
Men's and Women's 6's, Quads & Reverse Co-Ed Quads. 
Below each date are the teams that are registered, 
your spot is not yours until you pay online. 
They will be updated once a week. 
Once registration is full it will close and a wait list will be created.

 Click on the date below to register for the desired tournament. Your spot is not saved until you register. 
Spots are limited. So register soon!

Snow Miser 6's
Men's and Womens
Saturday Feb 9th, 2019
Registration Link
Womens teams:   Team X,Deez Nets, Dig That
Naticia Fanene, Di's Team, Rebecca Team,
Spring Fling Tournament
Men's and Women's 6's
March 2nd, 2019
Registration Link

St. Patrick's Day Reverse Quads Tourney
Sat, March 16th, 2019

April Showers Tourney
Men's and Women's 6's
April 7th, 2019

April Flowers Rev Quads
April 14th , 2019
Registration Link 

​There are more tournaments in a 
variety of formats coming! 
So stay tuned!